Why Edutainment for Youth

Over 2 billion of the world population today consists of youths and young people. The majority of these 2 billion are living in developing countries where notions of civil rights, participatory citizenship and human rights are often thought of as optional, or are simply deemed less crucial than economic growth and development.

Promoting civil rights and equality amongst younger generations is crucial for creating a more open and engaged society. Young people are key players of any civil society wishing to strengthen their voice and advocate for citizen interests. E4Y believes that through virtual gaming and activities, young people will be inspired to become aware of current issues and feel more empowered to alter the existing state of affairs in Iran. Furthermore, social gaming can play an important role in developing both the mental and social skills of young people.

New digital media, such as social impact gaming, has the power to reach hundreds of thousands of young people around the world. Iran has one of the largest internet communities in the Middle East, with a significant number of Iranian teens contributing to this bustling online hub. An interactive and fun platform created for the younger generation will cultivate awareness and promote active participation.

Time spent on gaming/day

More than 700 young student (ages 15 to 18) shared their entertainment habits with us by responding to our questionnaires in Autumn 2014.

Time spent on gaming per day

3-1 hour

less than 1 hour

More than 3 hour