Speaking out

Given the fact that young people are often pushed to the background and not taken seriously as active agents of change, the theme of speaking out is a particularly important issue to explore. In Iran, young people now have more autonomy and opportunities to become the makers and shakers of their country. However, without the knowledge, tools or resources, they cannot speak out and become participatory citizens or inspire others to make their voices heard.

This social e-game will provide users with different scenarios based on public life and day-to-day experiences in which they will need to react, help others utilise their voice and exercise their individual freedom among their family, friends and classmates. The storyline of this game will create a situation where the young person has to address the issue of power imbalance, and the invisibility of young people as an active participants in society.   This game encourages the young players to rethink of their role in making their voice heard on issues of inequality, injustice and discrimination.