Charitable activities

Charitable activities and giving are well known and widely practiced in Iran within small communities and families. Family units are one of the most important social institutions, and children and young people tend to be a focal point of this institution. Due to the importance of caring for one another, many young people will already have experience with giving and helping others.

By providing real life experiences in which users will have to make choices in regard to charitable activities, this e-game will widen their perspective on how they can involve in a non-for-profit activity. It also promotes creative, more sustainable and participatory involvement of young people in community causes. After participating in the game, users will be shown an example of what they could have done with the money they raised in the real world. Through engaging visuals and statistics, young people can visualise the outcome of their charitable activities.

Youth engagement with charitable activities

More than 700 young students helped us to observe youth approach to engaging in charitable activities, responding to our survey questions.



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