Video Games, Technology and Young Adults

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Video Games, Technology and Young Adults

Video games have always resonated with youth for as long as they have been in popular culture. I remember some of my first memories were of playing “Warrior” as a small child with my dad at an arcade at the mall. Many advancements have happened since then from the arcade to the home console and pc gaming evolution and now we’re in the age of mobile.

The explosion of mobile and tablet devices has opened up a tremendous new frontier for bringing engaging content to kids in a way that’s easy to use and responsive to their actions. The mobile app market also become an exciting place for developers to be able to reach audiences that in the past would be impossible. This is where most young adults can be reached.

The young adults of today value technology not only for entertainment but also as a means of communicating and expressing themselves through social media and increasingly valued for use in school as well. The brilliance of mobile is not only in the reach it has but the emphasis on simplicity.

Games themselves can be designed and developed in such a way to allow the player to come up with creative solutions to problems or simple casual games can be used to offer quick entertainment while sharing information about a subject reinforced with game experiences that reinforce these messages. Creating games that offer more than just entertainment is a powerful way to offer persuasive ideas a voice and means to allow a player to think about a subject with new perspective and meaning.

Allowing a player to interact with a topic and critically think about the choices they must make and why those choices matter will enable them to act on those new perspectives and insights gained from positive game experiences.

Here at E4Y we want to create accessible apps that can help raise awareness of key social issues that affect our youth and to help educate them to be prepared for the future and to give them the tools they need to be a force for change to help them shape their future.

Caleb Garner – Game Designer / Developer

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