Get involved

E4Y believes in the power of collaborative action and maximising the resources and effectiveness of social impact projects through working together.  As a young team of enthusiastic experts, we are determined to use edutainment  as a powerful tool to make youth more conscious of their own participation. Hence we look forward to opportunities for mutual cooperation, partnership or contributions.

Donors and Funding Organisations
Donors and funding organisations are crucial to the success and development of E4Y. Without the generosity of our donors, we would not be able to provide a free, online platform for young people who do not have access to such learning opportunities to develop their social and civic skills.

Donors and funding organisations are an invaluable and ongoing source of support for our organisation. Charitable contributions and funding make it possible for E4Y to keep the social gaming at a high quality, assist in effectively reaching our target audience, and help expand our knowledge on the impact of our work.

In addition, funding will help in developing the e-games themselves in order to keep the topics relevant and our users engaged. As a dynamic organisation, we want to grow with our users and this means continual development of both our games and our means of reaching young people.

Moreover, additional funding can support further research on the effects and results of social gaming. Research is critical in understanding how to best use social gaming, and to evaluate the short and long term influence not only on young people using edutainment, but the surrounding community as well.

Non-governmental organizations, academics and research
In order to create a better society, we must work together, hence why collaborating with and developing partnerships with other NGOs is crucial to the success of E4Y. Not only can NGOs share ideas, information and experiences, but these collaborative relationships can be effective in bringing awareness and building capacity for our cause. By working together, we can create stronger advocacy and raise greater public support for edutainment for young people. As social impact gaming is a relatively new, yet promising venture, it is an opportunistic time to direct awareness to this innovative approach to reach young people.

Academia and research is another important pillar for E4Y. Research informs action, and this is often where NGOs can play a particularly impactful role. As NGOs contribute at all stages of research, a symbiotic relationship between the two is critical in order to turn knowledge into action. With research, E4Y can utilize their knowledge and expertise and in the future, potentially translate what they have learned in Iran to different countries and contexts. E4Y believes that research in regard to social impact gaming can truly make a strong and long term impact in democracy, equality and human rights awareness amongst Iranian youth.

If you are interested in becoming a partner of E4Y, please send us an email. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities and mutual opportunities a partnership may offer.