Social impact games

to raise awareness and educate young adults and children by playing games.

Tolerant and equal society

by encouraging young people to become active agents of change

Lack of participatory and inclusive education

Promoting awareness and empathy

E4Y is a non-profit organization that promotes participatory civil and social engagement amongst young people through edutainment.

Raising awareness

E4Y (Edutainment For Youth) is a platform for youth to access a variety of social impact games that raise awareness and promote civil rights and equality. Social impact games are a creative and interactive way for young adults to explore issues they face as individuals, as well as within the wider context of their community. E4Y offers a safe space for young people to experience and discuss relevant social issues that they may otherwise not have exposure to.

Engagement through play

These social impact games simulate real life experiences and provide authentic problems for young people to solve, helping them think critically and help in developing their civic and social skills.

Edutainment for Youth aims to empower young people to strengthen their ability and agency to make informed decisions and implement change.

Our vision is to create an open, tolerant and equal society by encouraging young people to become active agents of change. Our mission is to provide youth access to social impact games that address culturally relevant moral, ethical and social issues, therefore developing their civic and social skills.
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Charitable activities

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Speaking out

September 22, 2015

Social network presence

The following figures are based on data collected by E4Y 
through more than 700 questionnaires, distributed among young 
students age between 15 to 18, during autumn 2014 .
More than 1 network

Social impact game 

Developing & implementing games for young people to explore simulated experiences that address issues they may come across in their day-to-day life. Through a fun, cool and engaging e-learning experience in an entertaining environment, users will be provided with innovative tools to develop their social skills and become more aware of issues that affect both themselves and their community.

Social research

Our projects are informed by our research, hence why scientific and in-depth research is critical for us to create the best products for our audience. In order to make a real and direct impact on young people, we not only need to provide fun and engaging e-games, but we must understand the issues and challenges that young people face on a daily basis.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Considering the relatively recent exploration of social impact gaming as a tool for social and mental development in youth, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) is a critical component to E4Y’s impact potential.


Empowering workshops for young people will help them to develop interactive and engaging platforms to express themselves using new media and all the innovative available tools. This can provide them with a powerful advocacy tool to raise public awareness about their own rights and issues and to participate more actively in addressing those issues.

E4Y brought a diverse group of skilled, professional colleagues together to build a strong team of experts with a wide range of experience and potential. We are working closely with local and international researchers, human rights educators and advocates, child rights activists, social impact game developers and academics. E4Y aims to incorporate young people as much as possible during the process of its work.